Macon Ravenwood


Macon Ravenwood is a tall, stately man, with black hair streaked with grey and a close cut goatee. His eyes are the bright green that symbolize his manifestation of the Light, of which he is a Conduit and Creator.


Macon Melchizedek Ravenwood was born from Asmodeus, or the Cosmos, as a disembodied sentient. First creating the Light to shine in the Darkness, Macon grew lonesome is the endless expanse of the multiverse, and so he created four brothers to join him. These brothers would too become Conduits, and they are Carrick, Eleazar, Alistiar, and Balthazar. Even with the companionship of each other, the Ravenwood family grows lonely again in their solitude. Macon then sings into existence the Prime Material Plane, and creates the Weave for both the purpose of harnessing magic and shielding the Material Plane from the other planes of the multiverse. The first being he creates are the animalkind, and from there he creates the elvenkind to be a more self-resembling companion for his family. The elves are blessed with long life and beauty, so that they may rightly enjoy the company of their Maker. When the elves chose to stay in their great forests and not explore the world, Macon created the first Men, called Numenorians, who would eventually establish a great kingdom upon their sun-shaped island, Numenor. When Balthazar attempted to copy the Numenorians and failed, instead creating the first dwarves, it was Macon who built for them great mountains in which they could make their home. Many millennia later, when these men too chose to stay on their islands, Macon created the lesser breed of man, humans. These men he gifted with a will to explore, diversity, and ingenuity, and they became the most fervent of his worshipers and most beloved of his companions. In the thousands of years to come, Macon would keep a constant vigil against the Darkness and be at the forefront of the battles between Light and Dark, and would give anything for the greater good.

Macon Ravenwood

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